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white girls are having a crisis, y’all.

In which someone asks “what’s wrong with liking pumpkin spice lattes and sitc?” And people still fuckin laugh. Don’t act like the concept of being “basic” isn’t HUGELY FUCKING MISOGYNISTIC. It’s just yet more of “oh you like things that are perceived as feminine. You must be stupid and boring.”

There are plenty of legit reasons to criticise and call out and poke fun at white women as a whole. Call us out/make fun of us when we’re racist and ignorant. There’s so much material, why are you gunning for exercise clothes and music taste???

I honestly don’t see the problem with liking things that don’t hurt other people. Who get hurt my a drink or a shirt? If someone likes something and they’re happy, how does it even affect you so badly that you need to make bad comments about it? I personally don’t like lattes or whatever else, but I’m not going to knock the people that do. It’s uncool. People have done it to me and it sucks, it hurts your feelings and it stays with you. Why make someone uncomfortable in their own life, just because you happen to disagree with their choices about the things they find wonderful?





Ahh, it’s back

i have disproportionately strong feelings about this.

every time i say “nah i’m not gonna watch it again.” BUT I STILL DO EVERY TIME.


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